Custom Reptile Cages
Custom Cages Built For Your Specific Needs
Standard equipment for each cage is a ceramic infrared heat emitter , a KANE heating pad under the
fluorescent light with timer, casters and air vents.  The bottom of each cage is sealed with a
high build epoxy finish to aid in cleaning and prevent water damage to the unit. The 3/4"Oak
plywood is stained to any
Minwax color you like, sealed and caulked. The cage has sliding tempered
glass doors with a
Pin lock to ensure that animals stay in, and children stay out.
(Sliding reinforced plexiglass doors can be installed if you prefer avoiding the risk of breakable glass.)

All cages come completely assembled.
They will last a lifetime with proper care. These are furniture grade custom cages.
They will not mold or mildew with proper cleaning and care.
They will look great in your living room, family room, office, den or bed room.
They will not absorb water like melamine can once the surface is scratched.
Thank you for or interest in my custom cages.
This unit was designed and built for the Michiana
Humane Society to house homeless iguanas.
It measures 8'  wide, X 2' deep, the top cage is
48" high, and the bottom is 20" high.  Other
features are basically the same as listed above.
NEW $4,476.00
NEW $4,456.00
4' x 4' x 2' oak cage.
4' x 4' x 2' oak cage
This unit was designed and built for
Ryan. He uses it to house his Frilled Dragon.
This cage is 48" wide  24" deep 48" high.  
All of the same features and accessories are
used with this cage. These pictures where
taken just befor I crated it up for shipping.
NEW $1,546.00
See this cage will hold 260 lbs. LOL
This custom cage.
48" wide X 30"deep X 72" high.
Here is a new wood & Acrylic cage that I custom made for a client to house her BRB.
The bookcase measures 36" wide  X  20" deep  X  69-3/4" high.
The Acrylic cages measures 34-1/2" wide  X  19" deep  X  20-1/2" high.
NEW $2,250.00
NEW $1,899.00