Ultimate Rack System
Here are some pictures of a mobile file system I have installed.
As you can see this would make the "Ultimate Rack System"
Just think....you would have 3 times the cage space in the same
room you have now! Just add the tubs to the shelving. The shelving
can be raised in 1" increments and come in many different sizes.
The carriages can be made to any size, so you can even use your
existing racks on the carriages. This system has hand cranks to
move the carriages, but you can also have electric switches that will
move any or all the carriages for you automatically.
End panels can be made to match your decor in most cases.

If you are interested in having the "Ultimate Rack System"
for your reptiles, just e-mail me for more info.

More pictures coming soon!!!!!
Thank you for your interest in my Ultimate Rack System.
Tom McCarthy
End Panels
Here is a small rack I made with a wire shelving system. I used the
Sterilite 15 qt. tub # 1754 for baby boas and the Sterilite 74 qt. tub #
1969 for sub adults and boas about 6 feet long and less than 12 to 15
lbs. The 1754 tub measures 17 inches x 11 inches x 6 - 3/8 inches and
the 1969 tub measures 44 inches x 19 - 3/4 inches x 6 - 3/8 inches.
You can fit 8 of the 1969 tubs or 36 of the 1754 tubs on this rack.
Set up like this picture cost me about
$350 with 4 inch X 44 inch flexwatt
on each shelf.