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Here are pictures from some Reptile Educational Shows I did with some friends over the years .

Chris & Tara of "Hoosier Reptiles"
Mark Seeker of "Porter County Education Interlocal".
Thank you Dr. Reed for letting Gates join us at some of the shows.
Up coming shows will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Photo By John Gooch of the South County Gazett.
Photo By John Gooch of the South County Gazett.
Photo By John Gooch of the South County Gazett.
Jackson Elementary Pictures 2004
These pictures are form the Kouts School 2/10/2006. I helped Mark Seeger
with a few shows he did for the 2nd. and 7th. grade classes. This was the first
time I helped Mark with his shows and I had a very fun time doing it. I hope
to do some more shows this summer. This show I brought 4 snakes for Mark
to use. Two BCI boas (Toni & Athena) one Brazilian Rainbow Boa
(Armstrong) and one Tiger Reticulated Python (Tigger).
Reptile Educational Seminar dates and addresses.

More coming soon!!!!
April 18 2006 Jackson Elementary school spring fling.
Valparaiso Boy Scout Troop 907
11 / 20 / 2006
Thanks Sam for inviting me to your scout meeting to share my
hobby and to teach the scouts a little bit about boas and pythons.
Here is a article that was done about me in the local news paper.
April 4 2009 Yost Elementary school.
June 25 2009 Burns Harbor Day Camp.
August 4 2009 Burns Harbor Day Camp.
CMS 10/21/2010 Science Fair.

Jackson Elementary Pictures 2010 Gloria Horn Second grade class.

Thank you very much Mrs. Horn for taking all the pictures. Looking forward to coming back in the springtime.