BCI Boas
History on Xena.

I am 99% sure Xena is Colombian BCI boa. There is a small chance she could be a Colombian BCC
but I have never keyed her out to make sure. Xena was over 4' long when she was caught in the
jungles of Colombia and I believe she was around 2 years old then. She has only had two owners and
the first owner kept her for about 10 years and I bought her from him in 2004. So I would have to say
she is around 14 years old now in 2006. One of these days when I have nothing to do maybe I will key
her out to see if she is a BCI or a BCC.  In 8 / 2004 Xena was 9' 6" long and over 60 lbs. I put Xena
on a diet as I was worried about her health. As of 11 / 2006 she is about 10' long and 50 to 55 lbs.